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Murdoch (2013)

2 x 1 hour documentary in co-production with Brook Lapping Productions for SBS, ITV and BBC Worldwide

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Rupert Murdoch built a global media empire starting with a single newspaper in 1950s Australia. This series explores his ruthless expansion and deal making, the billions he made and lost, and the reputations he built and destroyed in his never-ending quest to become the undisputed king of newspapers, Hollywood films, and global television.

A media mogul in the making, the young Rupert Murdoch returns home from England following the death of his father, and launches himself into the family business - the Wild West world of Australian newspapers. He survives and commences to build a powerful media empire, News Corporation, across Australia, the UK and USA. During this time he promotes political favourites, battles the UK print unions, and takes his empire to the brink of collapse.
The colossal gamble on the UK Pay TV channel Sky nearly sinks News Corporation under a mountain of debt. But Murdoch raises more money and Sky sports become a huge success. He then spends years and more millions in battle with Australian rival Kerry Packer, trying to set up a rival Rugby Super-League. He is courted by political leaders, tries and fails to conquer China, but has a hit in the USA with Fox News, The Simpsons, and sports coverage. With a new wife and young family, he faces survival once again - over the UK phone hacking scandal.

Murdoch screened on SBS1 at 8.30pm on Sunday, 5th and 12th May, 2013. The DVD is now available in Australia.
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